Asfalt Repair Holland

Specialist in asphalt repair

Specialist in asphalt repair

Asphalt Repair Holland is a company that specializes in repairing surface damage to asphalt roads. We provide corrective maintenance of roads, business and car parks, industrial areas, airports, and race tracks.
Our flexible deployability, personal approach, and optimal service guarantee a high-quality product.

Asphalt Repair Holland carries out local repairs in an efficient manner, without the use of large equipment and with minimal inconvenience to the traffic involved.

Asphalt Repair Holland is able to repair surface damage at an early stage, so that further deterioration is prevented. Extensive milling or pre-processing of the section to be repaired is not required. Since large equipment is not used, we can work with a small team. This reduces both costs and traffic impact.

Our short communication lines, together with flexible deployability of our personnel, result in rapid and efficient operations. Additionally, we provide enclosing services of the work site, using warning signs and pylons. If necessary, we can arrange for traffic controllers to be deployed, to ensure a safe worksite.

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